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Sexual Abuse Victims

Sexual Abuse Victim - Personal Injury Attorney

Victims of sexual abuse or assault suffer a wide range of serious physical and emotional injuries that can, unfortunately, last a lifetime. No law can undo the damage, but it can give victims meaningful ways not just to obtain compensation, but to hold accountable those responsible for the damage done.

Victims of sexual abuse are often victimized not just by the abuser but by the negligence of those employing or controlling the abuser. Even though the abuse was inflicted by one person, there may be multiple parties and entities that are legally liable and should be held accountable for the damages done by the abuser.

Mr. Kleven has experience representing sexual abuse victims and holding the defendants accountable. If you have been the victim of sexual abuse contact our offices today to schedule a confidential consultation.

Unfortunately, sexual violence can come in many forms. Men and boys are also the victims of the crimes of sexual violence, sexual abuse, and rape. In fact, in the U.S., over 10% of all victims are male.

Victims of sexual abuse often express feelings of fear, guilt, and shame. Abusers have been known to exercise mental control over their victims to shift the blame away from the abuser, where it belongs, and placing it on the victim. One way in which you can stand-up to you abuser is through the legal process.