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Sex crimes are particularly serious. Not only will a conviction of a sex-related offense have heavy penalties, but you could be branded as a sex offender for life and forced to register as a result of a conviction.

Mr. Kleven is experienced with representing individuals in U.S. District Court charged with all manner of felonies and misdemeanors. Specifically, Mr. Kleven has represented individuals charged with child pornography and sex trafficking of a minor. Contact our office today to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

Child Pornography

Child pornography is any photograph, film, video, or computer generated image that portrays or depicts any minor in a sexually explicit fashion. Both the federal government and California have criminalized the production, distribution, and possession of visual depictions of all kinds that portray any minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct.


Human Trafficking

Sex trafficking is the exploitation of a person by means including coercion or deceit to engage in commercial sexual activity, prostitution, exotic dancing, or pornography. When the victim is a minor under the age of 18 years old, sex trafficking does not require force or coercion.

Commonly referred to as "pimping" these charges are serious felony charges which may carry mandatory minimum sentences of 10 years in prison (18 U.S.C. 2251). If you are charged with any felony criminal sexual conduct offense, and are convicted the law requires that you register as a criminal sexual and predatory offender. You can imagine how such a conviction would ruin your life. It is imperative that you hire a criminal sexual conduct lawyer the moment you believe you are under investigation.

Experienced defense attorney Leif Kleven is San Diego's premier lawyer in defending against sex crimes. We can help if you have been charged with sex trafficking. Message our office to today or call us at 619-796-3680 to schedule a FREE initial consultation.