Attorney Leif Kleven is San Diego's premiere attorney
representing you and your loved ones in personal injury cases, civil litigation, and federal criminal defense proceedings.

Attorney Leif Kleven, 2017 Rising Star San Diego, 2016 Rising Star San Diego

About Attorney Leif Kleven

Attorney Leif H. Kleven is an attorney and advocate, representing individuals in all civil litigation matters and federal criminal defense cases in and around San Diego, California.

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Personal Injury

Whether you were involved in an auto accident or the victim of sexual abuse, the Law Office of Leif Kleven is dedicated to protecting you and ensuring that you are justly compensated for your injuries.

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Decisions of the trial court may not be the end of litigation. Attorney Leif Kleven is an experienced appellate attorney and works with you to represent your interests on appeal.

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Federal Criminal Defense

San Diego federal criminal defense attorney Leif Kleven represents individuals charged with any federal crime. Your freedom is at stake once you have been charged with a federal crime.

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Consultations | Law Office of Leif Kleven


Attorney Leif Kleven offers a free initial consultation in either our San Diego or Chula Vista office, which provides you with an opportunity to discuss the facts of your situation.

Results Driven | Law Office of Leif Kleven

Results Driven

All our clients have one thing in common - each wants their desired result. We work with you to determine the best outcome of your particular situation. We continually strive to reach the result that you expect.