Defending You Against Traffic Tickets in San Diego County

Many of us have received traffic tickets throughout our lives as drivers. If you have too many traffic citations and do not resolve them effectively, however, it could have a serious negative effect on your life.

You have rights during a traffic stop. Learn more here.

That is why before you simply agree to pay any fines, you should talk with an attorney like Leif Kleven to determine if you have a viable defense. At the Law Office of Leif Kleven, we have helped countless San Diego County drivers hold onto their driving privileges when traffic citations threaten their ability to stay behind the wheel.

Do not let the consequences of a traffic citation spiral out of control. We can help.

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Prevent Long-Term Consequences

Each year, more than 41,000,000 tickets are issued, and 20 percent of drivers will get a speeding ticket. Yet only 5 percent of those tickets are ever contested in court. Too many people pay fines in an effort to "move on" from the episode.

A traffic ticket, even something as simple as speeding, can have a long-term impact on your driving record. Immediate concerns also include:

  1. Spending hours in traffic court and traffic school;
  2. Paying fines in excess of $500; and
  3. Paying increased car insurance premiums for years.

In California, just four points on your driving record in a year causes you to be presumed a "negligent operator" of a vehicle. The DMV can then suspend or revoke driving privileges. If you need your car for your job or to get to work, a suspension could affect your ability to earn a living.

There Are Defenses Against Traffic Tickets. We Can Help.

Of course the best way to avoid a speeding ticket is not to speed. But if you are stopped by law enforcement, there are things you can do. There are also a couple of things you should not do - do not argue with the officer and do not make excuses.

After the traffic stop, make notes about the stop. For example, write down where you were when you were stopped, how fast do you think you were driving, what the officer said and what you said.

Finally, consider consulting with an experienced lawyer to represent you. You can contact us 24 hours a day by calling 619-796-3680 to schedule a FREE consultation with Leif Kleven.

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