Estate & Probate Litigation
Contested Wills & Trusts Litigation

Trust, wills and the probate process are supposed to provide an orderly means to hand assets down to the next generation in a way that accurately reflects what people want to have happen with their estate once they die. But what do you do when a trust, will or the probate process does not work as intended? Or when a trust or will is created by an individual who lacks capacity to know what they want. Or an individual is coerced into creating a document through excessive persuasion that overcomes his or her free will to decide?

You may need help from the probate courts to apply the correct laws and seek the justice and fairness you deserve as a beneficiary or rightful heir. Unfortunately, when you are the victim of a bad actor who hijack the intent of another, the burden is on you to take action and stand up for your rights.

The Law Office of Leif Kleven may be able to help you seek the right result. We handle all aspects of your case from inception through trial. Because we are a small firm, you will always work directly with an attorney that knows your case and is dedicated to representing you and your rights. Our desire is to fight hard for your rights, reach the best resolution in your case, and be as creative as possible in handling your case.

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