Benefits of Naturalization

Are you deciding whether to apply for United States citizenship? To understand if this is the right decision for you, you should be aware of the benefits of citizenship and the potential risks of remaining in permanent resident status.

At the Law Office of Leif Kleven, we have helped individuals and families throughout the San Diego, California, area, helping them avoid the errors that can come from trying to handle it alone.

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Get The Same Rights And Privileges As People Born In The United States

We recommend that you file for naturalization as soon as you are eligible. Generally, you must be a permanent resident for five years. If you obtained your permanent status through your current U.S.-citizen spouse, you can file for naturalization after three years.

While no one can anticipate exactly what will happen in life, it is inevitable that not everything will go as we plan or as we hope. Unfortunately these deviations can significantly affect your immigration status. For example:

  • Being convicted of a crime, even a minor crime, could jeopardize your immigration status or prevent you from naturalizing.
  • If you have been charged with a crime and then travel outside the U.S., without realize it, you may have become inadmissible upon your return.
  • Failing to renew your green card on time could lead to deportation.
  • If your U.S. citizen spouse divorced you before applying for naturalization, you will have to wait an additional two years

However, in some rare situations, people already in removal proceedings for very old criminal convictions might be able to avoid deportation by naturalizing. Additionally, serving honorably in the U.S. military may qualify you to naturalize

Others discover that they could be U.S. citizens but have no proof. If you have heard "family stories" about your possible U.S. citizenship, discuss this with us. The laws that govern acquisition of citizenship change over time, and those who have a parent or grandparent with ties to the U.S. might discover that they are U.S. citizens or can claim a right to citizenship.

We Can Help You Prepare the Right Way

At our firm, attorney Leif Kleven can prepare your naturalization application and prepare you for your interview, including the civics and language tests. If you desire, he can accompany you to the interview.

Even if you are uncertain about applying, we encourage you to come in for a consultation. It is important that you understand what rights you do not have, if you remain a permanent resident. For a FREE CONSULTATION, call 619-796-3680 or contact us online.

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