Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a federal crime in U.S. District Court, we are here to protect and represent you.

San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Leif Kleven is experienced at representing defendants in federal cases. Your freedom and future are at stake once you have been charged with a federal crime.

Attorney Leif Kleven is dedicated to representing you and tailoring a defense for you. Our office vigorously defends all federal charges including federal drug trafficking charges, child pornography, money laundering, alien smuggling, and illegal reentry.

Attorney Leif Kleven will fight for you. He has the federal trial experience in U.S. District Court and experience before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal to fight for your rights at every step.

Time is Not on Your Side

Once you have been arrested or charges have been filed the clock is ticking. You need a skilled and experience attorney to advocate for you and protect your rights.

Every minute matters, so do not hesitate in contacting our office. Our office is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 619-796-3680 now.

You are Innocent Unless Proven Guilty

You have rights and attorney Leif Kleven will work for you to protect all of your rights. Remember, DO NOT SPEAK to law enforcement or investigators about your federal charges without an attorney being present to represent YOU.

Federal Criminal Defense Process

Federal criminal charges are different than state court crimes and the procedures are vastly different. You need an attorney who has the skills and experience to maneuver the complexities of federal court.

We have provided additional resources to help you understand the process of federal crimes. Learn more here: Federal Criminal Defense...