San Diego County DUI Defense

Throughout California, driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or above constitutes a misdemeanor driving under the influence (DUI), even if your ability to drive does not show signs of impairment.

DUI is one of the most common crimes prosecuted in California. It is also the subject of intense lobbying by groups like MADD, causing lawmakers, law enforcement, prosecutors and judges to be very tough on offenders. That is why you need the representation that we at the Law Office of Leif Kleven in San Diego can provide.

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We Can Protect Your Rights When Facing Serious Consequences

You can be charged with either a misdemeanor DUI or a felony DUI depending on the circumstances. The severity of the penalty depends on prior convictions, your BAC or aggravating circumstances such as hit and run, transporting a minor or if drugs are involved.

Even a first-time misdemeanor DUI can mean:

  1. Up to six (6) months in jail;
  2. More than $2,000 in fines and fees;
  3. Loss of driving privileges; and
  4. Increased car insurance premiums for years

With a felony DUI conviction, you can be facing years in state prison. If you hurt someone in a DUI accident, the costs of taking care of the victim can be astronomical. Penalties increase with each offense.

Legal defenses may be based on how and why you were stopped by law enforcement in the first place, how chemical testing was performed and whether Breathalyzer equipment was maintained or calibrated properly. If police violated your rights, our lawyer will find out and use it to strengthen your case.

We Can Protect Your Driving Privileges

If the California DMV attempts to suspend your license, it will be in a separate administrative proceeding. There are strict time frames to contest the suspension and request an administrative hearing, making fast action essential. Making the request in time will stop any potential suspension until a hearing is held. We can represent you at this hearing in addition to any criminal proceedings.

You Have the Right to An Attorney. Use It.

If you or a loved one was stopped and arrested for a DUI in San Diego County, contact attorney Leif Kleven today by calling 619-796-3680 to schedule a free consultation. We answer phones 24 hours a day.

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